Reasons to Have USB Outlets

The USB outlet is a great invention. Are you aware though of why it is so good? Don’t just use technology just for the sake of new technology. So it is important to know why this tool is a good option to have around.

USB Outlet

In an article by Mr. Sparky’s Blog, we see some logical reasons as to why USB outlets are so popular and needed! Here is an exercpt:

In a crowded home where every family member has a cell phone and a tablet, electrical outlet space can be in high demand. And even if there’s plenty of outlet space to go around, the clunky chargers for these devices can clutter countertops and disrupt what could otherwise be streamlined workspaces.

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Saving space – The outlet can open up spaces for other devices while USB is utilized for the cellphone chargers, tablets, etc.

Easier to find in stores – Initially, these type of outlets were difficult to find. However, now they are almost everywhere.

Cost less now than in the past. Due to the bigger supply, the price has been able to come down.

The Mr. Electric Blog echoes these reasons, but also describes steps on how to install the popular USB outlet. Check out this piece of the article:

With so many adults, teenagers, and even young children owning everything from smartphones and tablets to iPods and fancy smartwatches, there’s no doubt outlet space is at a premium in most American homes. Luckily, outlet altercations can be avoided simply and inexpensively without the need for an intensive whole-house renovation – all it takes is a USB outlet swap out.

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Don’t miss out on the advantages of having USB outlets in your home or in your commercial property. This feature will become, if not already, a big selling feature for a residence. Be sure to contact your local electrician for help.

Electricians and Plumbers Compared

This comparison is an age-old test to see which career may be the best to get into… whether it is salary, quality of work, or how we get along together on a job site. We are obviously biased here, but let’s take a look at it.

Plumber or Electrician

In the blog by Electrician Training Info, they list out some different elements such as salary, consistent need, and job security. It breaks down similarities and differences.

This article is focusing on the pros and cons of choosing to become an electrician or a plumber. Although both jobs are in the same field, they vary on some key aspects, like which profession makes more money, the future as contractors each can have, salaries and danger on the job, with electrician being a little bit more dangerous than plumbing.

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If that isn’t enough, there are forums that discuss this topic even further providing anecdotes as evidence. As an example, City-Data has a post discussion with many contributing views. Here is a sample:

I know a couple of guys in the plumbers union here in chicagoland.It pays $35 I think.They went to the plumbers union and took a test.One got help from the inside.It’s a process for sure.They choose so many a year out of hundreds.The electrician is the same process,but pays a few dollars more.One guy I know says he make $40 a hour in the concrete union.Illinois pays good wages for skilled trades.A ready mix concrete driver make $29.50 a hour.Have you ever seen what they do? Talk about gravy train.

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The vast consensus is that Electricians and Plumbers are both in high demand and both pay pretty well (depending on the location). What is best for rookies is to go for a position that you love to do and not just for the money.

Picking The Best Electrician for You

Many issues can happen from just hiring someone to work on your electrical system. Are you aware of the risks that may occur? Don’t be the next homeowner that makes this mistake.

Mr. Sparky’s blog mentions in the following article. Even the most common projects can be dangerous.

There are several common electrical projects that aren’t complicated or extensive, but even the simplest jobs can result in serious injury or property damage if they’re performed improperly. Before making any plans to engage in a DIY electrical project, it’s important to know the risks.

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Electrician working on the side of a house

Blue Sky Electric’s article helps us focus on tips on how to hire the right electrician! Here is an excerpt of their post.

A lot of serious contractor related problems can be averted by doing just a little research. After nineteen years in the trade, I have found that if both home and business owners follow these tips, they almost always have a pleasant experience.

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Ensure that you follow these great tips when choosing an electrician. Contact us today for your local electrical needs!

Is your Electrical Panel Organized?

Did you know that some homeowners don’t have their Electrical Panel’s organized? It’s quite important to get this done. Having your Electrical Panel organized and labeled correctly will help you be prepared for any electrical issues or emergencies. If you haven’t done this yet, please do so.

In the following article by Mary Scroggins, she explains:

Labeling your electrical panel can save time and confusion. You’ll be able to confidently control any area of your home or business with just the flip of a switch. Here are some tips from Samurai Electricians to make this process simple and safe!

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