Electricians and Plumbers Compared

This comparison is an age-old test to see which career may be the best to get into… whether it is salary, quality of work, or how we get along together on a job site. We are obviously biased here, but let’s take a look at it.

Plumber or Electrician

In the blog by Electrician Training Info, they list out some different elements such as salary, consistent need, and job security. It breaks down similarities and differences.

This article is focusing on the pros and cons of choosing to become an electrician or a plumber. Although both jobs are in the same field, they vary on some key aspects, like which profession makes more money, the future as contractors each can have, salaries and danger on the job, with electrician being a little bit more dangerous than plumbing.

You can read more of the article here.

If that isn’t enough, there are forums that discuss this topic even further providing anecdotes as evidence. As an example, City-Data has a post discussion with many contributing views. Here is a sample:

I know a couple of guys in the plumbers union here in chicagoland.It pays $35 I think.They went to the plumbers union and took a test.One got help from the inside.It’s a process for sure.They choose so many a year out of hundreds.The electrician is the same process,but pays a few dollars more.One guy I know says he make $40 a hour in the concrete union.Illinois pays good wages for skilled trades.A ready mix concrete driver make $29.50 a hour.Have you ever seen what they do? Talk about gravy train.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/work-employment/355041-electrician-plumber-jobs-company-wages-interest.html#ixzz4fNcv54Ip

The vast consensus is that Electricians and Plumbers are both in high demand and both pay pretty well (depending on the location). What is best for rookies is to go for a position that you love to do and not just for the money.