Electrical Services

Improved Wiring

Improved cabling all through your home or business… Ancient wiring may result in big safety problems. Take care of your long term investment by getting upgraded electrical connections for your residential or commercial property.

Electrical Issues

Remain in compliance legally and for family safety. We can go for electrical permits the very SAME DAY!!!

Electric water heaters

Exchange your timeworn water heaters for a new electric water heater.  Electric water heaters are indeed much more effective. Our technicians can assist you acquire the best water heater for your home.

Service panel improvements

Let’s you add new circuits with ease (Allows for more growth).

  • Fuse boxes are starting to become a liability when selling a home.
  • We know for fact, that some Insurance companies are not writing homeowners policies for homes with fuse boxes (or knob & tube wiring). Some are starting to cancel (or decline renewal) existing policies for the same reasons.
  • The insulating materials that separate various components are likely to be in a brittle and degraded condition.

Cable and Phone wiring

We put in new residential and commercial phone and cable wiring. Upgrade and avoid bad connections to the Internet and phone lines.

Exterior and interior lighting

Enhance your home and business with exterior and interior lighting. We’ll coordinate with you on layout and installation for all exterior and interior lighting installation projects.